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Monday, November 20, 2017

Knit Ruffle Flower on a Bodice

Did you see Vicki's Knit Dress pattern that just released?  It's adorable!  And that bodice is perfect for embellishing too. Today Shannon B. will show us how to make a super cute knit ruffle flower on it like she did here:

I love the look! It's perfecet on Vicki's and you could add it to a variety of other dresses and tops as well.  Here's Shannon with the step-by-step instructions!

Step 1: To begin, cut your knit fabric according to the chart above.  Then we will roll hem both long edges of our ruffle strip. This is optional as knit does not fray but is nice to add a pop of color to your ruffle flower.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

It's our last week before Thanksgiving and it's so fun to see all the outfits you're creating for the holiday!  Hopefully you can get a little sleep squeezed in here and there too. We have some big announcements in our newsletter today that you won't want to miss out on, so be sure to stick with us through to the end! 

New Releases

We had one big pajama party this week at CKC! We've got four brand new designs, and 1 downsize for dolls to help you with your Christmas PJ sewing! We've also got a fun new crochet beanie! Here they are:

Aries Two Piece Knit Pajama set is perfect for girls and boys! The relaxed fit is so comfy, and the exaggerated cuff is a fun detail.

Estella's Flannel Nightgown is perfect for winter weather! With a very vintage feel, you'll love this classic design!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Turkey Hair Clip

If you're looking for a quick Thanksgiving project that will make a WOW impact on your little girl, today's free pattern is just the thing for you!  You can use whatever supplies you already have on hand, and we even have an easy printable template for you. 

Isn't it fun!?  I told my daughter I would be making a turkey hair clip while she's at school and now I can't wait for her to get home and see it!  She said she wanted it *this big* (motioning with her hands) and that's exactly what I did. It's definitely going to be noticeable! This is the large version, but the template includes medium and small sizes as well, if you want yours to be a little more subtle. Keep in mind you could also use this for a pin to put on your blouse or purse! Around here we're all about the hair clips.

Supplies Needed:
Scraps of brown faux leather or felt for the body 
Variety of ribbon or trim scraps (any width or style!)
Hot glue gun 
Hair clip, pin, or other fastener
Optional: Scraps of glitter vinyl or felt, two ballpoint pins, or other embellishments for face
Optional: Spray starch, Quicken-Stiff, or hairspray to stiffen lace ribbon

Let's get started!

Print and cut out the size of turkey body you want to make. The large body is about 2.5" tall, the medium is about 2" tall, and the small is about 1.5" tall. (Keep in mind that the finished clip will be much larger than that after you add the ribbon!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

It's been another great week at CKC and I have the honor of giving you the recap.  As I'm typing this, I'm also watching our high school football team online as they play in the state play-offs AND I'm also listening to my favorite college team playing.  (How's that for multi-tasking?) So don't be alarmed if I end up throwing some sports jargon into the post here and there!  I'll try to focus though; after all, I have so much cute stuff to show you! Starting with this...

New Releases

Kelly's Cowl crochet pattern released this week and it is the perfect accessory for cooler weather! Wear it buttoned or open, under a coat, or by itself- either way this accessory will be the perfect touch to your fall and winter wardrobe!

Claus' Christmas Tree Skirt will look beautiful under your tree this season! This tree skirt is made from several triangle shaped pieces pieces together into an octagon shape. Use as many or as few fabrics as you'd like for this festive pattern!

Monday, November 6, 2017

How to Make a Leotard Using a Store Bought Tee

I'm really excited about today's tutorial, both because I totally admire Tosha's work and also because I can't wait to follow her tutorial and make some of my own!
 Tosha is our dancewear designer and on the side she also makes these AMAZING upcycled leotards. 

Aren't they stunning?! I always love to see what new designs Tosha comes up with. She has a knack for finding awesome t-shirts and then turning them into even more better leos. Well, guess what. Now YOU can too! Tosha's going to show you everything you need to know.  Here's Tosha!

First, print and tape the pieces for your chosen pattern. Lay your pattern piece next to your t shirt and decide placement. You'll need to check the stretch of your shirt... most will have decent stretch from side to side and less stretch vertically. (If it doesn't have much stretch, keep reading for tips below!) 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

Hey there! It's been a great week and we have some fun highlights to show you! 

New Releases

First of all, two new beautiful patterns released this week: Pepper's Pleated Vintage Dress and Paul's Stained Glass Quilt!

Pepper's is a classic style with a fun update! Featuring a full box pleated skirt, a back zipper, and unique piping details on the sleeve, you'll love this trendy style! 

Friday, November 3, 2017

What to Put Under Dresses and Skirts?

Have you been looking for the best way to poof up those dresses and skirts you're creating? You're in luck because today we will show you a bunch of options for doing just that!  

There really are a lot of ways to add fluff, and the methods you choose can depend on what you want to put into it and the exact look you're going for.  You may want a built-in petti, a separate petti, a circle skirt, layered fabric, or even a hoop skirt.  Let's take a closer look at each! 

Built-in Petti 

Nicole's Party Dress 

This is my favorite option.  Many of our CKC patterns already have a built-in petti, meaning that the "fluff" is sewn right into the layers of the dress.  An example of this is Nicole's party dress (shown above and below), which has gathered tulle between the layers where it can give the dress volume without touching the legs. (Nobody likes the feel of tulle on their legs!) You can even make a Nicole's dress so poofy that it stands up on its own: 

"You know you got puff when the dresses stand on their own." - Melisa Harry
Amazing, right?!  The built-in petti is already part of the pattern so it doesn't require any extra thought and you don't have to worry about the underlayer falling down.  Other CKC patterns that have a built-in petti are Paris' one-shoulder party dress and Melody's dress. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

How to Sew on Patches

Today's tutorial is helpful for all kinds of projects!  I first learned how to sew on patches when I was in college and wanted to add some cute appliques to my jeans. But then I really perfected the technique a few years ago when my boys needed them sewn onto their scout uniforms repeatedly.  You can find glues and other products made for patches, but I prefer sewing them on with clear thread -- it's much more sturdy for repeated use and washes.  (If I can't wash it, my kids don't wear it!)  This technique works for cute little embroidery patches, larger uniform emblems, and in the case of today's project -- awesome Harry Potter patches! 

Don't they look amazing?!  These are our new Malcolm's robes and I bought the patches at Universal Studios, but you can also find them on Amazon or even Target.  They're super sturdy and washable if you sew them on securely! 

First you want to start by grabbing some invisible thread. I bought this at a regular fabric shop and it was called just that - invisible thread.  There have been times when I haven't been able to find it though, and thin fishing line actually works just as well. You want it to be strong enough to hold but thin enough to thread easily through your needle. 

You will also wind some of the invisible thread onto your bobbin -- you need it on the top and the bottom.  I have to admit that this thread kind of has a mind of its own. It may come off the bobbin during winding, after winding, and even during sewing. It helps to keep it pulled taut during transferring. Also be sure to hold both threads as you begin sewing! 

I will occasionally have the thread come off the bobbin for no reason at all, as shown above. After awhile I realized it's not worth trying to wind it back on, so when this happens I just trim it off and continue.  Also, if your invisible thread breaks while stitching, it may have just slipped off one of your spools. Just rethread and keep going, and remember that it will be worth it! As much of a pain as it can be, I loooove this invisible thread! 

And now for my next secret:  Before sewing the patch, you will attach it using either fabric glue, or my favorite: double sided tape.  I'm sure most experts would say to use fabric glues and sprays, but I am allergic to most adhesives and I just don't want to mess with it. Double sided tape is my go-to for this!  It will be behind the patch forever, so if you have a problem with that then don't use it. But I've never had a problem with it. So, if you want to go that route, simply apply double sided tape around the edges and center of the back of your patch, as shown above!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Weekly Wound Up

Hey there! We've had lots of requests to bring back our Weekly Wound-Up post and newsletter, so here we are!  It's your chance to make sure you see all the week's new releases, our Designer Deals that change every week, and of course our upcoming sew-alongs and events.  Let's take a look!

New Releases

Ivory's Infinite Bodysuit is here in both Women's and Children's sizes! This pattern is so versatile with literally tons of ways to tie it up, so you can create different looks each time it’s worn. Ivory's has a full coverage bum with elastic leg openings and a top panel for modesty. This is a Beginner level sew and knit fabric is required. Your wardrobe will not be complete without Ivory's!

For those who crochet or want to learn, you are going to LOVE our new Kaiulani's Grass Skirt and Bonus Bikini Top! Just look at it! This amazing “grass skirt” has it all. The Kaiulani gets its name from a real princess! The skirt can be worn as a Halloween costume or just for fun. With the bonus bikini top option, it's perfect for an island costume party.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Broken Doll Photo Shoot

If you haven't yet seen our Broken Doll photo shoot, today you are in for a treat!  Some of our designers and friends in Texas got together recently and created some amazing outfits using CKC patterns (of course), and then added some face paint details that turned their regular awesome girls into incredible "Broken Doll" masterpieces!  

Aren't they amazing?!  I love how they have a classic doll look with an eery twist. And those details!!  Let's take a closer look at the individual "dolls" -- and you can also see which patterns they used to create them!